License agreement

Dear authors of journal articles!

In April 2006, the editorial and publishing board of YSPU named after K.D. Ushinsky made a decision  on the mandatory conclusion of a license agreement with each author. The license agreement was drawn up in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and approved by the YSPU lawyer. It will be signed by the parties after the decision of the editorial board to accept the material in the journal issue.

Regarding the procedure for issuing the license agreement, please contact Marina Aleksandrovna Krotova, responsible for the issue and literary editor of the journal, phone: 8 (4852) 72-64-05.

The authors of the articles, residing not in Yaroslavl, can print the license agreement in duplicate from our website and, having signed them, as well as attaching an envelope for feedback, send us by mail to: 150000, Yaroslavl, Respublikanskaya St., 108/1 (the printing and publication department). The second mutually signed copy of the contract will be sent to the author of the article. To  speed up the process of including the article in the issue, please scan the signed license agreement and send us by e-mail.